ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule


ICC Men’s Cricket T20 World Cup 2021 which will be the eighth T20 cricket world has been booked between October 2021 and November 2021. The host nation will be India. There is two consistent T20 world cup in 2021 and 2022. The ICC Cricket Control Board reported in April 2018 that T20 World Cup 2021 will supplant to Champions Trophy 2021.

T20 2020 World cup postpone due to the Covid-19 until 2022 but T20 World Cup 2021 schedule should be similar as below.

ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2021

Match NoDateTeamsRoundGroup
118-Oct-21Sri Lanka vs IrelandFirst RoundGroup A
218 October 2021Papua New Guinea vs OmanFirst RoundGroup A
319-Oct-21Bangladesh vs NamibiaFirst RoundGroup B
419-Oct-21Netherlands vs ScotlandFirst RoundGroup B
520-Oct-21Ireland vs OmanFirst RoundGroup A
620-Oct-21Sri Lanka vs Papua New GuineaFirst RoundGroup A
721-Oct-21Namibia vs ScotlandFirst RoundGroup B
821-Oct-21Bangladesh vs NetherlandsFirst RoundGroup B
922-Oct-21Papua New Guinea vs IrelandFirst RoundGroup A
1022-Oct-21Sri Lanka vs OmanFirst RoundGroup A
1123-Oct-21FriNetherlands vs NamibiaFirst RoundGroup B
1223-Oct-21Bangladesh vs ScotlandFirst RoundGroup B
1324-Oct-21Australia vs PakistanSuper 12Group 1
1424-Oct-21India vs South AfricaSuper 12Group 2
1525-Oct-21TBC vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
1625-Oct-21New Zealand vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
1726-Oct-21Afghanistan vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
1826-Oct-21England vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
1927-Oct-21New Zealand vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
2028-Oct-21Afghanistan vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
2128-Oct-21Australia vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
2229-Oct-21Pakistan vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
2329-Oct-21India vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
2430-Oct-21FriEngland vs South AfricaSuper 12Group 2
2530-Oct-21West Indies vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
2631-Oct-21New Zealand vs PakistanSuper 12Group 1
2731-Oct-21Australia vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
2801-Nov-21Afghanistan vs South AfricaSuper 12Group 2
2901-Nov-21India vs EnglandSuper 12Group 2
3002-Nov-21TBC vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
3102-Nov-21New Zealand vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
3203-Nov-21Pakistan vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
3304-Nov-21Australia vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
3404-Nov-21Afghanistan vs EnglandSuper 12Group 2
3505-Nov-21South Africa vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
3605-Nov-21India vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
3706-Nov-21FriPakistan vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
3806-Nov-21Australia vs New ZealandSuper 12Group 1
3907-Nov-21England vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
4007-Nov-21West Indies vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
4108-Nov-21South Africa vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
4208-Nov-21India vs AfghanistanSuper 12Group 2
Match NoDateTeamsSemi-Final|Final
111 November 2021TBC vs TBC1st Semi-Final
212 November 2021TBC vs TBC2nd Semi-Final
315 November 2021TBC vs TBCFinal
Note: T20 World Cup 2021 timetable is yet to report authoritatively, continue to watch this space for refreshes.


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