Twitter has always emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms and thus tries to integrate various challenging projects and latest technologies to enhance user’s experience. Though it is the result of some smart, knowledgeable, and professional people, yet twitter believes in hiring such people and use the power of their knowledge and skills. Well, you can call these people data scientists.

Data scientists are analytical experts who analyze and organize the raw data of a company and helps the organizations to dig out good results. They use their existing skills, knowledge, contextual understanding, and assumptions and helps the company to identify all possible opportunities and threats if any.

It has increased the demand for data science professionals in the market, and you can easily make your career in the data science field if you want to. You just need to enroll yourself in a data science course and its related training sessions. There are various institutes that provide such courses and even guide you for data science interview questions which furthermore helps you to get the highest paying jobs in India easily.

Large scale enterprises such as Twitter use the power of data science to maintain a competitive edge in the market, enhance efficiency in logistics and focus on optimization. Besides this, there are several other reasons why Twitter hires data scientists and other data science experts. These reasons are:

Developing insights from the products

As data scientists make use of collected raw data to compile useful information, twitter believes in using the data to discover insights and implementing them to improve the products. Whenever a user interacts with the product, the data gathered in a log file, and data science experts analyze this data to figure out useful information.

Data scientists understand and analyze the compiled data in two ways namely straightforward method through push notifications and analysis method through SMS delivery rates. Therefore, Twitter uses data science to analyze multiple user accounts and insights from the products.

Accumulating data and information

At Twitter, analysis of the information is performed by data scientists and other professionals. They usually make use of data pipelines which allow aggregation and integration of data from multiple sources. It allows data science experts, to easily analyze and interpret the information and perform operations on it.

The aggregation and analysis of such information prove helpful in powering dashboards. Thus, Twitter uses data science to facilitate user consumption of the data and enhance the platform if required.

Performing investigation

Another reason why Twitter uses data science is to carry out testing and researches. Twitter usually performs random experiments in the form of a hypothesis between two variants. This is done to check out which variants draw out more users and thus allow the system to perform obligatory investigation for it.

Data science helps the platform to collect data and information through millions of tweets and insights of the products. It also allows the system to outline changes in the social graph, make a record of the user interaction and focus on existing loopholes if any.

Reducing the number of spam messages

Data scientists are known as experts in machine learning and predictive modeling. As Twitter is a big platform and collects huge data from millions of tweets daily, data science helps the platform to record all the data through machine learning techniques and predictive modeling techniques.

With the help of these techniques, data scientists help the platform to figure out spam messages and are able to reduce the number of spam messages. These experts apply deep learning techniques to provide relevant information and identifying the best measures to be taken in the future.


Being one of the most used social media platforms, Twitter keeps all records of the data and information of the users. It is because this helps the platform to gain insights into the products and enhance users’ experience by providing them relevant information only.

In conclusion, Twitter is using the power of data science to give its users an amazing kind of experience. Data scientists help the platform to maintain the competitive edge and serves twitter with their knowledge of data visualization, domain knowledge, and data cleaning, etc.


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